Tyler has a serious lack of entertainment options for a town as big as it is. Tyler has so many restaurant options that it makes the decision to eat out near impossible. In other words, STOP ADDING RESTUARANTS TO TYLER. Add some entertainment options to this town, please, we need something to do besides going out to eat.

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Any time the topic of what Tyler needs pops up, two places always make their way into the discussion, TopGolf and Dave & Busters. Right now, you can only find these options in major cities like Dallas or Houston. Making that drive just to enjoy some time at these spots sometimes isn't really worth it.

So what would it take to get these entertainment options to Tyler? I did a quick Google search and found some interesting stats.

We'll start with TopGolf. According to thecostguys.com, to obtain the TopGolf franchise and build a facility will cost, on average, $18 million. One example used was TopGolf in Austin that needed $15 million to build and open. TopGolf in Las Vegas, however, took in the neighborhood of $50 million to build and open. Yeah, that's a lot of money and may be a deterrent for someone, or group of someone's, to build in Tyler. It's not impossible, though.

Looking into Dave & Buster's is interesting. There is a dedicated page at daveandbusters.com with all the details to open a franchise. The franchise would need to be built in an area with a population density between 700,000 to 1,000,000 people. That rules Tyler out immediately. The building would need to be between 26,500 to 40,000 square feet, two stories with 3 to 400 parking spots. There's also the fact Dave & Buster's is not issuing any franchises in the United States right now.

So yeah, it looks pretty slim that either of these entertainment options could come to Tyler. Having said that, what's to stop someone from building something similar here. Sure, TopGolf and Dave & Buster's have name recognition but their concepts are not copyrighted. That means that someone in Tyler could build a similar facility.

Would it be the same? Of course not. But that shouldn't stop someone from building an establishment that is equivalent to a TopGolf or a Dave & Buster's. Plus, it would be locally owned, which is never a bad thing, provide local jobs, which is never a bad thing, use other local businesses to build or furnish or equip the facility, which is never a bad thing.

It's just an idea, though, but an idea that could be good for Tyler and East Texas. Hopefully someone reads this and runs with it. I would make sure that as many as possible get behind it and support it every day. Tyler desperately needs it.

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