Sweet tea rules at many tables across East Texas! However, there are those of us who prefer it unsweet (insert gasps of air here followed by 'Really'?!!)

No matter which way you prefer it, sweet or unsweet, with lots of ice or no ice, lemon or no lemon - McAlister's Deli locations across East Texas will be giving away free 32 ounce glasses of their famous tea all day on Thursday, June 21st!

This has been an annual event now for ten years and all you need to do is show up and be patient! According to McAlister's Deli Facebook page, there is no purchase necessary! Seeing how the heat and humidity are on the rise, McAlister's Free Tea Day has arrived just in time!

McAlister's Deli Tea Freaks via Facebook
McAlister's Deli Tea Freaks via Facebook

This customer appreciation event is happening in Tyler, Longview and Athens as well as McAlister's locations in Shreveport, Bossier City, Texarkana, Dallas and other cities across the region.

Now when I step up the counter at the McAlister's on Old Bullard Rd. in Tyler, I will have a big glass of unsweet tea with little ice!

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