Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, TX, you don't know me but I have a dark secret. One I've worked tirelessly to hide my entire life. Sure every once in a while someone catches me with a few granules of sugar in my beard, and wonders no doubt, but I've always and convincingly been able to hide the truth.

I'm addicted to sour candy gummies. Worms, bears, kids, eggs, dino eggs, fruits - apples - cherries - little sugar coated lime wedges. If it's gummy and dipped in sugar I. WILL. EAT. IT. All of it. I'm not done 'till the bag is gone and I have a tummy ache.

It's one of my charms. Ask my wife.

So, when I came across this you'd probably assume, I'm all about it. Nope. Don't need sour watermelon seltzer. I'll take mines in gummy form, thank you.

Martin House Brewing Company
Martin House Brewing Company

BUT, perhaps you'd be interested in it so I thought I should share.

Awesome Sauce 5.2% - Wild Watermelon. The sauce is finally here! This week we are releasing Awesome Sauce Wild Watermelon sour seltzer in 19.2oz cans across Texas. This picture should really have watermelon jolly ranchers in the background because that is exactly what this taste like. We had super high hopes on the final flavor profile and our hopes were exceeded. We couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out and can’t wait to share the other flavors with you at Sour Fest and next week when the 12packs release. For now, request this sour seltzer from your fav MHBC retailer. Deliveries continue all week. It is available today in the taproom as well. Gonna be a great week! Cheers!

And, hey, thanks for allowing me to bend your ear. That was a very real load off my shoulders. I feel better.

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