Billy Big Mouth Bass isn't dead, ya'll. He's back and is perfect for the high tech redneck in your life. He can now be connected to your Amazon Alexa powered device.

Yup. He will lip sync to the responses of Aleza's voice and still sing and dance as always according to Perfect for the man cave.

How can you get your hands on one of these? Just head over to and order one for only $39.99. If you have Amazon Prime, you'll have it in two days with free shipping.

What would be interesting to try out is, since Classic Rock 96.1 can be listened to through your Alexa device, would it lip sync to each song or just dance when you say "Alexa, play Classic Rock 96.1." Hmmm? If you get one, try it out and let us know.

Until then, we think we found a great gift for that redneck someone in your life. Merry Christmas.

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