This is a huge weekend for football fans.

It's opening weekend for the rest of the NFL (after last night's kickoff between the Packers and Seahawks), there are big college games already and it's only the second week of the season, and just cuz!  Football fans don't need huge games to sit in the recliner and enjoy a bucket of wings.  We just love football.

The Cowboys play the 49ers Sunday at 3:25pm at AT&T Stadium, and no pressure Cowboys, but if you lose this one it may haunt you later in the season when the NFC playoffs are starting to take shape.  Just sayin.'

The Texans host the Redskins Sunday at noon, and after two wins last season, Texan fans are just ready to have something to cheer about.

In college football, there's a huge game Saturday night between Notre Dame and Michigan.  It's huge because it's the last time the two teams are scheduled to meet in the regular season.  It's in South Bend, and it will be loud.

The Texas Longhorns host BYU Saturday night at 6:30.  The Texas A&M Aggies host Lamar at the same time.

Notice how Texas schedules their early season games at night?  Yeah...because it's still hot.

And ETSN.FM will keep us updated on all the high school games.

There's lots to look forward to this weekend, including the chips and dip, and maybe a beverage or two.  Enjoy!

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