A Florida principal was nabbed selling drugs in an undercover sting. First off, I have to ask, what is going on with the people we used to look up to when we where kids? This story is just unreal.

I am just baffled about this story that hit headlines today. According to WESH in Florida, Partin Elementary principal David Groover was caught in a investigation after a complaint of drug activity at his home. He was caught by selling drugs to undercover police with GHB, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. And here is the kicker: he wasn't even fired! He was only reassigned to a position that does not involve students.

Maybe it is just me, but more and more people like preachers, police and teachers are getting caught doing things they tell us as kids not to do. As the kids grow up these days they see this and what do they think?

As a kid I used to look up to these people for advice and encouragement. Now I wonder if they are even telling the truth about anything.

Oh, nice picture, teacher.