No matter whether you call it a fanny pack, belly bag, hip sack, or waist bag a place to put things within arms reach sure is convenient. I had one when I was about 9 or 10, and it was great time in my life. It was hot orange and black and when my pockets were full, is when it shined it’s brightest.

I could put pencils, G.I Joes, cool rocks or loose change in it and they’d all be stored handily, until needed and then just an un-zip away.

So when and why did they become a such a big joke? They are so much more than a punchline.

Fanny packs are just too functional to not be taken serious, and if Hulk Hogan wears one, so should I — and so should you.

Look here’s the deal, I’m an adult now and I want to be able to wear one again. And after reading the 5 reasons That Fanny Packs are Cool it reminded me of that.

For your consideration here they are:

1) Nike makes fanny packs, therefore they must be cool.

2) Its convenient. Pens, iPods, phones, calculators, wallets, chicken soup, car keys, water bottles, small pets, nail clippers, ANYTHING. Its not about what you put in it, its about looking great, and being in style.

3) No easy pickpocketing.

4) Easy access to all your belongings.

5) You can be a part of something cool!

I’m sold, I wonder if I still have that hot orange one in a box somewhere — if I do, no doubt it’s got some cool stuff in it.

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