Could you imagine getting lingerie from a co-worker? Surprise!  White elephant gifts are one thing, but what if that guy you kinda like over in the mail room thinks it's a good idea to impress you with a little red negligee in front of the entire office?  Not the best idea!

What else is on the list of taboo gifts for co-workers?

Besides the lace, there are a few things that have to do with self-improvement that are no-no's.  For example, don't get your boss a self-help book (like how to be a better leader), and don't get anyone you work with a gym membership or perfume or cologne.  You might as well be screaming that person is fat and smelly.

Other gifts to avoid when it comes to co-workers, according to the Wall Street Journal:  anything used (unless it's a gag gift), and anything involving religion.  Most of those things sound like it should go without saying.  I might also add that clothes of any kind are off limits.  You don't want to know your co-workers think you look a size or two bigger than you actually are.

When in doubt, gift cards and more gift cards!  My motto for the holiday season.