Every day thousands of people in Houston, Texas save money by shopping at a Family Dollar or Dollar Tree store. Local shopping routines across Texas and the US could soon be interrupted due to a major announcement from Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar.

It was announced Wednesday that more than 1000 Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores around the nation would be closing with some stores closing in the first half of 2024.

Why are so many stores being closed?

Several factors have led to the decision to reduce the company's footprint:

  • mismanagement of the company
  • theft within stores
  • under performing locations
  • reduced SNAP benefits for customers
  • inflation

Will any East Texas locations be closing?

Dollar Tree did not release a specific list of stores that would be closing. Axios reports the company will be closing 600 Family Dollar stores during the first half of fiscal 2024 and those closings will be followed up by another 370 Family Dollar stores and 30 Dollar Tree locations over the next several years.

From a quick count, there are more than 50 Family Dollar and 20 Dollar Tree stores located throughout East Texas. With so many Family Dollar locations it wouldn't be a surprise to see a number of them close if not by mid-year then over the next few years.

Competition affected the closing announcement

Dollar Tree's major competitor is Dollar General and then followed by Aldi, Walmart and Target according to CNN. Now there is a new discount retailer that is coming up on the scene, Daiso, a Japanese retailer that has begun opening stores in Texas.

These lower-priced stores have been slowly chipping away at Family Dollar's customer base over the past few years. We will keep an eye out for our East Texas stores and hope that they are not on the closing list.

It's never fun to see a store close because that means more of our friends and neighbors are out of a job. We'll keep watching this one.

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