The Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex was paralyzed when the Ice Storm of 2013 hit five days ago. The rain, sleet and freezing rain fell from the skies last Thursday and Friday has been frozen to the tops of buildings for days now and as temperatures crept up to around the freezing mark today, some of that ice on top of the buildings gave way and came crashing down to the ground. That falling ice is now causing a lot of property damage, mainly to vehicles that are parked by the buildings and headaches.

As the temps fall tonight, what thawed out during the day will most likely refreeze and as the temperatures in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are expected to rise somewhere in the 40's tomorrow, more scenes like in the video below will be caught on tape.

Thankfully East Texas didn't receive the ice storm the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex received or we'd be seeing scenes like those in the story above too.