During Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s “Look At This Awesome Thing We Did” talk at the F8 developer conference in San Francisco, he made sure to explain how much users are going to love the new Timeline feature that some people noticed a few days prior to the conference and kind of hated.

The much more interesting Facebook news of the week comes out of Bryson City, North Carolina, home of Etsy user SceeneShoes and her Facebook ‘Like’ bra. Now that is an upgrade every woman (and man) is sure to appreciate.

A woman naturally worries how a man will react when seeing her in her skivvies for the first time. Now a man can show his immediate approval by hitting the ‘Like’ button. Repeatedly if necessary. LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! WE CAN’T LIKE THEM ANYMORE THAN I DO!!!!

Next up: Facebook underwear for men. “Your crotch has just been tagged in a photo.” Oh that can’t be good.

[Via Etsy]

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