This feels like a betrayal on so many levels Buc-ee's.

Certain businesses here in Texas that the people of the state will violently defend. Blue Bell, Dr Pepper, and Whataburger are definitely on that list. Another one we would add would be Buc-ee's many consider a must stop on any road trip. Whether you need gas, a bathroom break, or a snack. You see a Buc-ee's, you have to stop.

Now Texas is home to many Buc-ee's locations. In fact the biggest convenience store in the world is a Buc-ee's right here in Texas over in New Braunfels. Sadly, Buc-ee's will be taking that world record out of state. The New Baunfels location is 66,000 square feet. A new Buc-ee's location in Sevierville, Tennessee will be 74,000 square feet.

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Why Buc-ee's? Don't take our world record out of state. We support you more than any other state by a wide margin. The one positive to this new location, at least Texas will stop hold the record for the World's Longest Car Wash. That would be at the Buc-ee's in Katy, Texas. However this Tennessee location is getting one that is 250 feet, so pretty dang close.

The new location will feature 120 fuel pumps, electric vehicle charging station, the cleanest bathrooms in the state, and of course the iconic Buc-ee's food/snacks. Buc-ee's is opening a location in this small town of 17,000 people because it is smack in the middle of Nashville and Knoxville. The area sees many people travel through between the two cities and hopefully they check out their new world record convenience store.

Shame Buc-ee's, bring the record back to Texas!

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