Hobbies can include arts, crafts, music, reading and, in my case, collecting stuff. When I tell people my hobby, I do get some interesting looks and comments. Most are "you're too old for that" but I do get the occasional "that's cool".

To give a little background in what I collect, it starts from my childhood. This was something that kept me busy outside building my dirt forts or even at the creek behind our house for some water adventures. When inside, I watched quite a bit of it on TV. It was cool when I got birthday or chore money, to save it up so I could find a new one at the store. They got some heavy use and the few that remain do show it.

Thanks to a big screen rebirth in 2007, my interest was sparked again and so began my obsession...er...hobby. My hobby is I am a collector of Transformers, yes, those robots in disguise. Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Bumblebee and the list goes on.

My collection is pretty vast with figures from the 80's cartoon series, which a few I had to order from Japan because they were not available in the US, to the live action movies to anything else Transformers related.

So, yes, I'm 41 years old and collect toys. But to me, it's my hobby, it's something I enjoy doing. Whatever your hobby is, embrace it and show it off. Check out my collection below:

Michael Gibson's Transformers Collection

This does not include all the t-shirts, stickers and other things I have Transformers related. So yeah, I've got a bunch. What is your hobby? Comment below.

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