Southwest of Austin sits Wimberley, Texas and while real estate there might not be in the same demand as Austin it's common knowledge that the real estate market is hot just about everywhere right now. After buying and selling homes personally I have seen the difference that photos can make when trying to sell your home, it can add thousands of dollars of profit into your pocket. But it's clear that the owners of the home at 166 Shady Bluff Drive in Wimberley didn't want to pay for professional photos when listing their home.

The home itself isn't bad at all, with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a total of 1,620 square feet. It's listed at $375,000 but what really sets this house apart is the amazing views. The listing is done by the owner of the home and even includes a phone number to contact them. But the listing is very honest, saying that this home does need work including new flooring, paint, and a new roof soon.

The Photos Are Like Ones You've Never Seen Before

As you scroll through the photos below you will see the amazing views, then you get a glimpse of what it looks like inside. Including what I am guessing to be the home owners son in the kitchen, playing games on the computer, and even a picture with their family dog walking around.

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The One Picture That Blew Me Away

The picture that really stood out to me was inside one of the bathrooms where the owner seemed to get a half selfie, but also included the Star Wars shower curtain, and an electrical outlet without a cover on it.

Enough of me bragging about the place, check it out for yourself:

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