Its A Damn Shame How The Dallas Cowboys Beat Up On The New York Giants To Win Their Season Opener.

This game was over before it even hit halftime. The Dallas Cowboys put on a dominating performance in their season opener in front of a National TV audience on Sunday Night Football to kick off the season 1-0.

The Cowboys defense was extremely impressive shutting out the Giants 40-0 and early buzz is that Dallas D just maybe the best in the league. The game was played in the rain and even in the wet conditions, the game was still a sell out but MetLife Stadium would be damn near empty by the time the 3rd Quarter got underway and it didn't have anything to do with weather.

Giants Fans Began Heading For The Exits EARLY.

Early in the 3rd quarter after Tony Pollard scored a touchdown putting the score up to 33-0, Giants fans began making their way to the exits to beat the traffic because there was really nothing more for them to watch as the Cowboys continue their dominating performance. No point in getting rained on when the visiting team is making it rain points.

Cowboys Fans Went Looking For Remaining Giants Fans.

In a video posted by DallasTexas TV on social media, Cowboy fans are seen walking around MetLife Stadium looking for Giants fans but it looks like a majority of them were already on subway or in their cars headed home before the game was even over. How dreadful.

The two teams will meet again in November in Dallas and hopefully for Giants fans, their team will put up a little bit more of a fight next time. We'll see.

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