An Incident That Went Viral This Week All Over Social Media Actually Happened Right Here In The East Texas City Of Crockett.

By now you're familiar with the antics of infamous comedian/troll Chareston White from Fort Worth who became famous for his "trolling" of famous rappers and his controversial takes on all things in Black culture.

Depending on your point of view, you either love him or hate him and he got a heavy dose of the latter when he was booked to perform at a party in Crockett, TX over the weekend.

“I don’t give a damn about getting booed, n***a. I already got paid,”


According to multiple reports and videos, White was on stage performing and wasn't winning the crowd over with his material. As some audience members began to heckle him, a man sitting near the front of the stage suddenly stood up and revealed he was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey. White antagonized the man, saying, “You paid to see me, Lakers jersey wearing ass n***a.”

From There, Chaos Soon Erupted.

As the audience member began to approach the stage, White then grabbed a flower vase from the stage before throwing it at the man’s head. The audience is heard gasping as the man rushed the stage along with another individual wearing a Lakers jersey.

White is seen throwing the microphone in the first man’s direction before making his way to the other side of the stage. The comedian is seen picking up a chair, but before he can swing it, he is tackled by another audience member and the fighting continues into the stage wing.

No One Was Arrested And White Shared His Side Of The Story.

In subsequent interviews and videos since the incident, White claims that he was unharmed in the melee and says he plans to press charges on those involved. According to those in attendance, the event continued on even after the incident.

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