In Texas and around the world Easter is a holy holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But did you realize that many colors represent this day and those leading up to it?

Easter Sunday is the conclusion of the Lenten season -- throughout which colors are used to symbolize many different aspects and feelings of the season. Be they joy, hope, mourning, resurrection, new beginnings, and many more.

Why is Easter -- and its colors -- of any importance?

For Christians, Easter is an extremely important day of the year. Here is a brief explanation given from

It is when Christians glorify and give thanks for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. After His crucifixion, death, and burial, Christ rose from the grave three days later. By this, He conquered death and redeemed us from sin.

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How many colors are there?

From the sources I visited, there looks to be seven colors heavily used throughout the Lenten season. This is only what I gathered from my search, and these seem to be the most commonly used colors.

For the most part, each of the colors are very much spring tones --- or pastels. With the Lenten season being in spring, it makes sense to see colors associated with the season used in a religious context as well.

During spring, these colors can go hand in hand with regrowth or rebirth -- flowers, grass, trees, and even many animals beginning to come out again -- which is an important aspect of Easter.

Being a more creative person, colors help me feel and understand better, which is why I think it's important to know the meaning of these when you see them during Easter.

Easter Colors Texans Need to Know the Meaning of

Did you know several colors actually mean something during Easter? If not, read to learn the meaning behind them:

Gallery Credit: Maleri McHam

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