'Tis the season to hear those ringing bells of the Salvation Army Red Kettles across East Texas. When you hear those bells, put what you can in the kettle to help those in East Texas who are less fortunate this holiday!This  World Record of Bell Ringing stared in 2011 by the Salvation Army's National Headquarters, in an effort to celebrate and recognize 120 years of The Salvation Army Red Kettle.

This year with the help of volunteer Andre Thompson of Quitman, the Salvation Army in Tyler is participating in the 2013 Salvation Army World Record Bell Ringing Contest.

Andre will give every second of his time in an attempt to win the 2013 Salvation Army World Record Bell Ringing Contest as well as raise money and awareness of The Salvation Army and its many programs and services. How cool is this and generous too!

The contest kicked off yesterday at 11 a.m. at  at Walgreen's on Rieck Road and South Broadway in Tyler. Now bells are ringing all around the world, at the same time and will continue until the last man standing -- or ringing! The Salvation Army Tyler is the only corps in the southern USA to participate.

In 2011, volunteer ringers outside of the Emmis Communications Building Indianapolis, rang for 60 straight hours. Along with Darrell Tureskis in Springfield, Illinois, the two men set the new world record. Last year the record was broken by co-champion Tureskis and two ringers in New Mexico and California who put down their bells after ringing non-stop for 80 hours.

WOW! So we all know what we need to do -- stop by and encourage Andre to keep ringing! Oh and please donate what you can in the Red Kettle!

Merry Christmas y'all.

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