From Dallas, TX to Del Rio, some great news for cheap parents who like a gift with upside. If you didn't know it is actually not illegal to give these for gifts to kids under the age of 18.

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My parents never gave me any growing up (I'm still bitter), but if you want to give your kids some, or maybe your grandkids... nieces... nephews... well, you can! It is perfectly legal in the state of Texas to give kids lottery tickets in their stocking for Christmas.

Or in a box for their birthday... or a bag for Hannukka... a t-shirt pocket on the 4th of July. The point is you will not get into any legal trouble for gifting any kid a lottery ticket. If a store sells them one that's another story.

Ist it Against  the Law if You Gift Lottery Tickets to Children?

Not technically, children under the age of 18 can posess and scratch off tickets, however, they cannot purchase them or trade them in for the prize. Retailers are breaking the law if they sell lottery tickets to someone under 18. They are also breaking the law if they payoff a winning ticket to someone underage too.

While it is not illegal for a kid of any age to scratch a lotto ticket, they are of course banned from purchasing or redeeming them.

What if it's a Winning Ticket?

If they win then an adult will have to claim the prize. And remember if the winnings are over $600 that adult would get taxed on the prize. Happy gambling!

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