When you've got a special talent or crazy skill you want to show off that special thing and hopefully set a world record while performing it. Several East Texans have done just that, set records, that stand in the book of Guinness World Records!

Now records are made and set to be broken, so if you're up for a challenge, you could put your mind to it and break these records that were set in Tyler, according to Guinness World Records.

This record was set by a group of 327 people from Tyler who were raising money for a patient who needed money for cancer treatments

This record was set by Cal Shipman of The First Tee of Greater Tyler at Griffin Elementary School in Tyler. He constructed a pyramid out of more than 16,000 golf balls!


According to Guinness World Records more than 300 records have been set here in Texas including records for the tallest bluebonnet, handsprings, lasso skips in a minute, participants on a gigantic slip-n-slide, largest high definition LED screen, the smallest test tube experiment and many more crazy records!

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