Usually, we have to wait until January or February to polish off entire sleeves of Girl Scout cookies straight out of the freezer, but the Northeast Texas Girl Scouts are going to help us hit our sweet cravings early this year.  

The Girl Scouts announced this week that a new caramel brownie-inspired cookie is coming and we are there for it. Dunked in coffee?  Oh my goodness, yes, please.

The new Adventurefuls will be available for the first time ever during the 2022 cookie season, and they are caramel, brownie, and cookie all in one bite, according to Delish.  I'm already thinking about crumbling them over ice cream too because life is short and there's no time to second guess these things.  The new cookie is about the size of a Thin Mint so it will be easy to pop a whole one and suck on it until it melts.  The new Adventurefuls will have chocolate crusts on the bottom and chocolate brownie-flavored cookies on top with a caramel center.  It's looking like 2022 will be a good year.

To tide us over, I'm gathering that the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas will launch a fall product program and it won't include cookies, but it will still satisfy the sweet tooth.  The council that includes Tyler and the surrounding area says it is offering training for the fall program now, and from the looks of it, they'll be selling nuts, candy, and chocolate.

If you love setting bowls of snacks on the kitchen counter and grabbing a handful every time you walk by, this will be the perfect opportunity to stock up on fall supplies.  I've done some snooping around the web, and I'm learning that the fall product line will include chocolate-covered pretzels, sweet-salty trail mix, chocolate-dipped toffee, and gumdrops.  This will give us a big head start on the seasonal weight gain, and some of us couldn't be happier about it.

Cookie sales typically run from January through March, and since we still have sleeves upon sleeves of Thin Mints still stored in the freezer, add the fall offerings and we'll pretty much be covered for the whole year.

The Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas have yet to announce the on-sale dates for 2021 fall products, but if last year is any indication, September 14 through October 17 is a good bet, and they'll deliver in early November.

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