Only in Longview, right? Wow! Save that action for your own bathroom, dude. I really don't know if I should give this a face palm or feel really bad for the dude.

Your eyes did not deceive you, that was a dude being kicked out of a bathroom at the Longview Mall with a fully inflated blowup doll.

The big question is...Why? The answer could be both really sad and weird. Sad because he has a blowup doll in a public place. Weird because he has a blowup doll in a public place.

Now granted, we have no idea what he was actually doing with the doll in the bathroom. Maybe it's his support blowup doll. Someone to talk too when he's feeling insecure. If someone can have a support peacock, this isn't too crazy.

I'm gonna go with the obvious and that's really sad. Dude really needs to save that for his own bathroom, at home, with no one around.

Keep it classy Longview.

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