Jamie Craft of Jonesboro, Arkansas has herself quite a Tuesday.

The 28-year old kicked of her midweek adventure by getting good and drunk and crashing her Trans Am into the side of a mobile home. Mind you this was a proper, adult sized Trans Am, which becomes important later in this tale and also made what she did a pretty serious crime.

Craft correctly surmised that the cops would soon be arriving at the scene. And since her car had apparently been disabled in the wreck she jumped on top of her son's battery powered Power Wheels truck and proceeded to flee.

Oh, and before doing that she took off her pants. Why? Well she did eventually blow a 0.217 BAC, which is almost three times the legal limit and could help to explain the random nudity.

This is also to say she was caught by the police. Which proves a battery-powered toy truck is no match for the V8 engine of a police cruiser, in case you were wondering.

Craft is facing a litany of charges, from disorderly conduct to driving on a suspended license to DUI. It's unclear if her driving offenses just apply to her operating the Trans Am or if she was also committing crimes when she took to her son's Power Wheels truck while drunk and unlicensed. Either way...mom of the year?

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