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It's official, I am positive.

Positive...for "Nasty Mask."

Stank Mask.

Funk Face.

As I reached for my trusty, and apparently quite dusty, face covering in cooperation with the order of the governor of the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS, I was immediately struck by an odor. Not one of lilacs, fresh air, or clean linen.

Try "Frito Pie."

Yep, my mask smelled like corn chips. And no, I had not eaten any corn chips in recent memory, so this was an indicator that my mask was toxic. That the sweat from my face had lodged into the mask, and was slowly, silently, poisoning me with my own pore sweat and beard stubble.

This. Was. Bad.

I placed the mask in the hamper and grabbed one of the several others that I have standing by, and went forth with my covered, non-nacho smelling mask.

But that got me thinking: if you don't use the disposable masks, how often do you really wash those things? For some people, the answer is never. I know someone who keeps his mask in the console of his pickup and tosses it back every time he gets back in, never thinking about it.

Another friend I have treats them like socks or underwear. One and done before it goes to the hamper. Perhaps I should follow his lead, but the important thing is to make sure that we stay healthy in all ways.

Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor. Wear the mask, and keep it clean.

Now...I kinda want Frito's.

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