The petition that would permanently move Halloween to a Saturday is making the rounds, but would this be a good thing in Texas?  You may disagree with the reasons behind the move.

The petition on gains new signatures every minute, and at the rate that it's going, it could make it all the way to President Trump's desk.

The petition was started by the Halloween and Costume Association and it wants the date of Halloween to be changed permanently from October 31st to the last Saturday of October.  And why exactly do they want it to happen?

Most of the reasons have to do with safety.  The petition organizers say there are almost four thousand injuries every year on Halloween, and twice as many kids are killed on Halloween than any other day.  They also note that parents don't usually bother with reflectors and glow sticks to help with visibility, and most kids don't carry flashlights.  I'm not sure how moving Halloween to a Saturday would add visibility, but that's what the petition says.  If anything, it seems like we might trick-or-treat even later and when it's darker because we might not have to get up early the next day.  But a Saturday is usually more fun than a Tuesday, it's true, and since Halloween is meant to be fun it might make sense to attach it to a day that is also intrinsically fun.  Halloween party throwers might love having Halloween on a Saturday since weekends are usually better for big bashes.

Isn't it also a little fun to break up a typical week with a fun outing when Halloween falls during the middle of the week?  And October 31st has become a scary, creepy, black and orange date all by itself, that is forever engrained in our brains as the date for cobwebs, spiders, and candy corn.  Moving all of that stuff to October 27th or 29th might feel weird.

Regardless, the petition is gaining steam, and if you want to sign it click HERE.  Time will tell whether or not East Texas hops on board.

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