Guys, can a mom wear really short shorts?  Can she get away with it?  I supposed it's a case-by-case basis depending on how well the legs complement the shorts, I know, I know.

Short shorts are a no-no according to one blogger, and so are crocs and certain dresses.  Ladies, whaddya think?  I think I'm breaking all of these fashion rules right this very minute!  And I know you saw some of these rules broken in East Texas over the weekend.  

According to the blog, moms are supposed to "Stop Wearing These 5 Things Right Now."

Short Shorts because they don't fit every body just right

Capri Pants because they hit at the wrong spot no matter what the height or body type

Crocs because they should only be worn around the house and not in public

Maxi Dresses because we'll look pregnant even if we're not

Chunky flip flops because they're meant for young teens

Capri pants with flip flops are EVERYWHERE this summer.  It's not so bad is it?  If a busy Mom manages to get herself showered and dressed at all it's a huge victory I say.

Do you agree with these?


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