Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki is a man of many talents, but who knew one of those was playing the mighty tambourine? Nowitzki has had a little extra free time on his giant hands this year after his defending NBA Champion Mavs got swept out of the playoffs in the first round by the Oklahoma City Thunder. What’s he been doing with his time off? Would you believe he’s been rocking out with the Avett Brothers?

Nowitzki was spotted Sunday night onstage with the Avett Brothers in Grand Prarie, Texas, standing stage center and swinging the tambourine to the beat during the band’s encore of ‘I Killed Sally’s Lover.’ Still don’t believe us? There is actual YouTube footage on the performance posted below (Nowitzki is the seven-foot tall guy hovering over the rest of the band, in case you can’t spot him).

Nowitzki is known for playing the saxophone during his free time, so the transition to tambourine doesn’t seem to be a crazy one. And while banging the circular percussion instrument in time isn’t the hardest thing, he manages to execute well. Again, watch the video if you don’t believe us. He hits the stage around the two minute mark.

Watch Dirk Nowitzki Play the Tambourine With the Avett Brothers

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