When we look at the home screen of our phones, we get a picture of current happenings like time, date, if it's raining or sunny and temperature. But if we look beyond our screens, we realize that nature has many ways to show us what's going on outside if we just pay attention.

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We get buried in our screens so much that we forget what wonders nature has to offer. Whether it's as simple as getting away from the city lights on a clear night to see the millions of stars above us or just being mesmerized by the sound of crickets and cicadas at dusk. If we listen close, nature can give some information, too.

One of those bits of information is the temperature. Yes, nature can be our natural thermometer. Check out this knowledge from the Farmer's Almanac shared on Stories of Texas Facebook page.

Take the number of chirps in fourteen seconds, add 40 to that and you'll get the exact temperature in Fahrenheit. You can also take the number of chirps in twenty five seconds, divide by 3, then add 4, to get the temperature in Celsius. I'll be 100 percent honest, I had no idea you could do this.

If you live in the city, this may be a little difficult. I see it as an excuse to head to the countryside and try it out. Do it and let us know your results. Nature is so awesome.

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