Deadland Ritual -- the new band featuring Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, and former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum -- played their third-ever U.S. show on Oct. 13 at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento.

You can see exclusive pictures from the performance below, as well as their set list.

Singer Franky Perez led Deadland Ritual through a set that was nearly half comprised of songs from Butler's famous former band. The newly established group opened with "Symptom of the Universe," closed with "War Pigs" and even found time for a Ronnie James Dio-era Sabbath gem, "Neon Knights."

Stevens' main gig was represented with "Rebel Yell" and Sorum's time in Velvet Revolver with "Slither." They also performed several original songs, including recent singles "Down in Flames" and "Broken and Bruised."

The band is in the midst of making their debut album. “We’ve got three songs recorded already, produced by Greg Fidelman who engineered the last Sabbath album, 13,” Butler recently told Classic Rock. “Then there’s another nine songs we’ve written together. The material is less bluesy than ‘Down In Flames’ and not really what you’d class as heavy metal. It’s not like a modern heavy band, like thrash and all that stuff. I think it’s more like the old Sabbath kind of hard rock.”

Deadland Ritual, Aftershock Festival, Sacramento, 10/13/19
1. "Symptom of the Universe" (Black Sabbath cover)
2. "Dimas"
3. "Neon Knights" (Black Sabbath cover)
4. "City of Night"
5. "Slither" (Velvet Revolver cover)
6. "Down in Flames"
7. "Sweet Leaf" (Black Sabbath cover)
8. "Rebel Yell" (Billy Idol cover)
9. "Broken and Bruised"
10. "N.I.B." (Black Sabbath cover)
11. "Fade and Disappear"
12. "War Pigs" (Black Sabbath cover)

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