Well let me add this to my list of fears in snakes.

Snakes To Be On the Lookout for in Texas

We all have heard of the rattlesnake, water moccasin, and copperheads here in Texas. All have different things you need to be on the lookout for. However one snake that my entire life I thought lived on the other side of the world is right here in Texas.

Texas Corral Snake

So I see this photo on Twitter and I start freaking out. If you don't remember the line, "Red touch yellow kill a fellow, red touch black is a friend of Jack." Google says red touch black venom lack, but the Jack one is the one I remember hearing as a kid. I always thought this damn snake was nowhere near us and now I find out it's in the same damn state as me. Well let my snake fears increase as we do a deep dive on the Texas coral snake.

Cousin to the Cobra

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That's right the Texas coral snake is a member of the Elapidae family and another member of that family is my most feared snake the world. The cobra. I will never forgive that guy in Dallas that lost his because I still think it will get me in my sleep.

2nd Most Dangerous Venom in the World

Holding Snake
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Yeah we always hear about how dangerous the black mamba is. Well good news Texas, our states coral snake is number two in the world for most dangerous venom. GREAT! However their delivery system for the venom sucks. A rattlesnake has a much worse strike. From what I see coral snakes honestly want to run away from you.

Coral Snake Farts?

Here is a video of an Arizona coral snake 'farting'. It's technically popping its cloaca, but scientists have actually called them 'micro-farts'. Basically if you hear this sound, the snake is playing defense and may strike if it feels provoked. So if you hear a fart, just get the f*** away from it.

The Only Venomous Snake in North America to Lay Eggs

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Guess I need to go back to school. Rattlesnakes don't lay eggs? Well I learned that today. Seriously Google it if you don't believe me. Coral snakes are the only ones to actually lay eggs in our state that have venom. The average baby is born around seven inches long and are venomous at birth. AWESOME!

Finally, Some Good News No One Has Died from a Coral Snake Bite in Decades

Vaccine For Cervical Cancer Developed
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Thank you f***ing science. Because thanks to the development of anti-venom. No one has died from a coral snake bite in North America since the late 1960's . Like I said earlier, their delivery system for their venom sucks as well. If left untreated, you could see double, slur your speech, and go paralyzed in the area where the bite was. So get treated if you get bit.

Fun facts about the Texas Coral Snake taken from the Texas Hill Country and now I have another irrational fear to add to my list of snakes. My whole life I thought this snake was nowhere near me. Nope, I got the cousin to the cobra living in my state.

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