AT&T Stadium is always improving with new things to do and the 2021 season has a very big addition thanks to Miller Lite.

So Bud Light is the official beer sponsor of the NFL, but Miller Lite has an exclusive sponsorship deal with a couple of NFL teams. One of those being the Dallas Cowboys. Hence why you probably see Miller Lite is the ONLY beer of the Dallas Cowboys ads. This is also why I am a Miller Lite drinker.

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Miller Lite has extended their contract with the Cowboys for another ten years. Along with this partnership, a brand new experience is coming to AT&T Stadium. It's called the Miller Litehouse. The 87,000 square foot outdoor property is home to two beer gardens, six bars, a 70-yard turf football field, over 60 television screens, two fantasy football walls, and the biggest walk-in beer cooler in the state of Texas.

The Miller Litehouse will be open this Thursday for the kickoff game. Yes, the game is in Tampa Bay on Thursday, but fans are invited to come watch the game here if they want. The Miller Litehouse will be open opens 4 hours prior to 3:25 and 7pm games and 3 hours prior to noon games. The Miller Litehouse closes 1 hour after pre-season games and 2 hours after regular season games.

I think I am going to try to make it to the Thanksgiving game this year. I think I will be making a pregame spot here to go check it out. I really just want to go check out the biggest walk in beer cooler in the state.

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