It is my life long dream to just be in the audience of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and Ellen herself decides she wants to be my best friend. And while we all know that is highly unlikely, one North Texas teacher got the surprise of a lifetime from the talk show host and her reaction is both heartwarming and hilarious.

Nikki Cullors is a mother and a Special Education teacher from DeSoto, TX. And while she thought she was just another audience member lucky enough to be at a taping, she had no idea what Ellen actually had in store for her. Ellen called her name and made it seem as though Nikki was going to Walmart to pick up Ellen’s mobile order, which she was excited to do!

But when she got there, the situation went a different direction. Ellen informed her that Nikki was actually going on a holiday shopping spree for her and her family. Nikki could barely hold back from a panic attack with joy as she and Ellen’s assistant ran around the toy aisles throwing anything and everything they could into shopping carts.

And while Nikki was blown away by the generosity that she had already been given, she was even more taken back when Ellen told her that they were giving her a $5,000 Walmart gift card to buy gifts, food, clothing, necessities, and anything else she might need.

Now I know people have differing opinions on Ellen Degeneres for some of her views on things and her lifestyle, and that’s fine. But one thing is for sure, Ellen sure does a lot of good in such an ugly world. Learning how to give back to those who deserve it but least expect it, without expecting anything in return, is something I think we could all benefit from.

Written as a special by Leslie Reynolds

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