Cowboy fans, this is serious business.  Dak Prescott is awesome, and Tony Romo is gonna get healthy and  then what?  Who plays?  The Cowboys may be waffling on their plan at QB when Romo is ready.  

For most of the season when the Cowboys' front office would be asked about Tony Romo's comeback, they would say he's the guy, and he would start at quarterback once he's healthy.

And then the greatness that we now know as Dak Prescott stepped in, and he's playing lights out and the Cowboys are winning, and he's making it incredibly difficult on the coaching staff (and Jerry Jones) to do anything that would seem to stop that momentum.

Can you imagine the heck that would break loose if Romo becomes the starter, throws interceptions, and loses?  The current smiley happy Cowboys' fan base might break the internet with all the flaming darts it would throw across Twitter and Facebook.

Jerry Jones said this week he's thrilled with the "riches at quarterback" and when Romo is healthy and ready to play, it's a matter of "working him back in."  Yikes.  That kinda sounds like he's the second stringer just waiting for his big shot.  It's exactly where he started, and it might be where he ends up with this team.

Whaddya think?  I say Prescott all the way, even if he throws a pick and the Cowboys drop a game.  Ruin his opportunity and momentum as the starter now, and it impacts his development as the future leader of the Cowboys.  I'd love to know your thoughts.

Regardless, get your picks in by Thursday night for this week's Pro Pick 'Em Games, and good luck.  Even if the Cowboys don't win this week against the Packers, you might!

It will be Prescott's toughest test so far this season on Sunday at Lambeau, and this one might go a long way toward deciding his future. Or near future anyway.

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