East Texas law enforcement has already been reporting more incidents of theft as of late. Why exactly? Well, you've heard the saying "desperate times call for desperate measures."

However for the majority of East Texans, hard times never call for stealing from your hard-working neighbors. But some do.

Just a few weeks ago the Tyler Police Department reported auto burglaries were on the rise and urged Tylerites to lock their cars and remain ever vigilant about safeguarding their belongings.

We've heard of reports in other East Texas communities as well.

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Most recently? East Texas residents themselves are warning one another about their own experiences with thieves and, in this case, another porch pirate on the loose in Hallsville.

Photo: Together Hallsville FB page

In an online social media group page, one Hallsville resident reported a thief on the run who'd hit various neighborhoods close to the Hallsville high school--and thanks to security camera, they got a photo of this guy.

A Hallsville resident named Amy posted in the online social media group page that she had "three packages stolen off [her] front porch [August 19] in Rutland Place at 10:41 a.m.!"

She went on to say it looks like the vehicle he was driving was a silver Nissan Rogue and was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. He also appeared to be sweatpants with one leg pulled up with blue socks and Nike "slides."
Photo: Together Hallsville FB page
Another commenter said her own neighborhood, Timber Ridge in Hallsville (located near a Whataburger) was burglarized a few nights ago, as well.
Photo: Together Hallsville FB page
If you have any info about this man or criminal activity in Hallsville, please reach out to the Hallsville Police Department at 903-923-4000.

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