Ever since I was kid, there has always been something magical to me about model trains. I had one particular friend who worked with his parents on one that took up an entire room in their home. During the holidays, they added extra lights and decor and it was just enchanting. I still feel smitten when I see a really nice layout and could spend literal hours just watching these detailed model worlds of railroading from a "bird's eye" view.

I'm definitely not alone here. I love watching them, but the people who delve into model trains and railroading as a hobby are passionate. Turns out, there's even a National Model Railroad Association. There are various reasons people who get into this love it so much, including the fact that it's a great way to spend time with family, it's educational, and because it's...well, FUN. Even Rod Stewart has claimed to book an extra hotel room for his model train layout. That, my friend, is devotion. Get more insights from some of the NMRA membership and learn more here.

Alright, let's bring it to our local level. If you are a passionate hobbyist, interested observer, or just love the idea of casually spending a super fun day with the family, then get ready to celebrate "all things railroading" at the largest and most magnificent train show you can find in East Texas. The '2019 Cotton Belt Train Show' is coming up March 16 and 17 at the beautiful Rose Garden Center next to Harvey Hall in Tyler.

There will several railroading clubs on-hand sharing their impressive layouts for your perusal. If while there you become inspired to try your own hand at model railroading, we have confirmed there will be vendors selling supplies to get you started on your home layout, plus other related memorabilia.

Ready to learn more? The event is hosted by the Fans of the Cotton Belt Depot Museum. Check out their site here.

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