What in the artificial insemination Mac and Cheese is going on here?

I need answers because this is a travesty to one of my favorite comfort foods.

According to East Texas Matters, Costco has sold out of their 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese and I am puzzled at how could this actually happen.

Costco Website
Costco Website

The bucket is listed under the “Emergency Kits and Supplies” section and the bucket has a serving size of 180 so there’s a lot of mac and cheese to go around.

Now if you’re wondering if it will stay fresh?  No problem, this bucket of mac and cheese has a 20 year life span!

Apparently, this mac and cheese was in high demand because they went flying off the shelves as of today (January 11th).

This bucket weighs over 23 pounds and the elbow pasta and cheese sauce are packaged in a separate bulk Metalite pouches with oxygen absorbers, to protect the quality and ensure a long shelf life per the Costco’s website.

Now don’t worry if you wanted to get your hands of this bucket of cheesy goodness.  You can also purchase this if you have Amazon Prime by clicking here.

This will come in handy if we enter into the zombie apocalypse!

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