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These once mighty brands collectively had hundreds of stores throughout Texas that employed thousands of people, but for one reason or another, they no longer exist in the Lone Star State.

Retail giants from the tuxedo industry, to discount closeout stores, to home accessories stores have all gone out of business and the only thing that remains is the memory of the store.

One of the biggest closures that happened this year was the closing of all Bed Bath and Beyond stores. Now when you watch re-runs of Shark Tank on CNBC and you see Lori Greiner making the deal for Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty or any of her other deals that made it into this gigantic bed and bath store it will be a distant memory when you see them in the store as the shark and entrepreneur are proudly showing off their products displayed in this store.

Honestly, walking into this store was a bit intimidating because of all the products that were hanging off the wall from floor to ceiling as you walked in and around this place. It was a bit of sensory overload.

Another sudden closure that happened in 2023 was the closing of Al's Formal Wear. The company closed all of their stores leaving those who needed a tuxedo for a special event or wedding scrambling to find a new place to rent one from.

The retail landscape is constantly changing not only here in Texas, but nationwide. While it may seem as if there are more closures than openings, many big retailers are pivoting and trying new concepts with already-established names and brands. So we might see some of these stores pop up in East Texas or in other parts of the state.

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