The City of Tyler is giving offenders a chance to take care of their unresolved warrants before facing jail time.  In a program called the “Second Chance Warrant Program“, the Tyler Municipal Court is offering the chance to work out a payment schedule to get the fine paid off.

Resolving outstanding warrants should be a priority so that you aren’t arrested for not complying with the law.  Court Administrator Cam McCabe says, “past sweeps have been very effective in helping us clear several thousand warrants in a matter of a few days.”  When participating in the plan, offenders will have to pay a $150 down payment and then each payment thereafter will be $150 until the fine is completely reduced to nothing.  According to the city’s press release, not everyone will qualify for the program, but you should check it out though to see if you are eligible.

However keep this in mind, if you participate in the program you will be expected to keep up your end of the agreement because if you miss a payment, your warrant goes on the city’s high priority list!

To see if you qualify for this program, which is open today through August 21st, contact the Tyler Municipal Court at 813 North Broadway or call them at (903) 531-1266.