We are so fortunate to have so many great first responders across East Texas but this past weekend the amazing people at Hallsville Police Department, Fire Department and Harrison County Sheriff's Officer truly went above and beyond the call of duty. It's stories like this that remind everyone that we need to back the blue and support these amazing people that are doing everything possible to keep our communities safe. This past weekend numerous officers, firefighters, and deputies all worked together to take kids Christmas shopping whose families are going through financial hardship.

It all started with Investigator David Burrows with the Hallsville Police Department asking for submissions for kids online that might be in need of a program like this. At first this was only going to be 3 kids because this was being paid for by the officers, firefighters, and sheriff deputies.

David Burrows
David Burrows
David Burrows
David Burrows

Investigator Burrows says thanks to the generous Hallsville community they ended up helping 20 children in 10 families instead of just the 3 kids.

What Each Child Received Through the Shop With a Cop Experience

Each child got a $150 gift card, gift bags, filled stockings, breakfast at the Hallsville Police Department with First Responders including Hallsville Police, Fire Department, and Harrison County Sheriff's Office and even a special visit from Santa Claus. After breakfast was over the kids got a trip they will never forget with lights and sirens going as they drove to Walmart in Longview where they bought toys and gifts with their gift cards.

Each family also received their own $100 gift card and in addition to a gift card to Texas Roadhouse.

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Such Amazing Photos of the Kids Enjoying the Show With a Cop Experience

Before writing this I spoke with Investigator Burrows who asked permission to share all photos of the kids below. The parents were okay with it, so I wanted to share them with you. Just to show how incredible these first responders truly are.

Those who helped out with the shopping experience include:

Officer Matt Leach - Hallsville PD

Deputy Rocco Bruno - Harrison County Sheriff's Office

Laura Welch - City of Hallsville/City Secretary

Assistant Chief Kevin Temple - Hallsville Fire Department

Firefighter Gary Nash - Hallsville Fire Department

Firefighter Richard Crutchfield - Hallsville Fire Department

and Gerry Averett for helping track down Santa Claus.

Also, special thanks to firefighter Gary Nash's wife Rhonda who helped take photos throughout the event.

Christmas Shop With a Cop Thanks to Hallsville First Responders

This life changing experience for kids is thanks to the Hallsville Police Department, Hallsville Fire Department, and Harrison County Sheriff's Office

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