Heads up UT-Tyler students. And high school students too.

Chipotle is giving out free drinks through the month of September and here's what you have to do to get it.

Just buy an entree!  Maybe some tacos, or maybe just a bowl full of beans topped with a load of guac.  If you have your student ID with you and you buy an entree during the month of September at Chipotle, they'll give you a free fountain drink along with it.

That's not just small change either.  Have you noticed how much your bill goes up when you add the beverages?  You might be saving a third or more of your bill with this free drink offering.  Why the heck not.  If you're a college student, that's a lot of extra money that can now go toward noodles or midnight pizza cravings later on.

There's a Chipotle location on South Broadway in Tyler, and on Loop 281 in Longview. Take your pick.  And take your ID in September.