How in the world a mother could try to cause harm to her own children is something that I will never understand but that is the sad reality of one situation out of Harrison County. Our friends at KLTV, were quick to release the details about a Hallsville mother who is now be accused of kidnapping three children, two of which are her own, and she was possibly attempting to put them up for sale.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office got involved when they got a call about a kidnapping of a 4-year-old missing from a home near Hallsville. The caller mentioned 23-year-old Lindsey Mariah Kelley of Hallsville who had interfered with custody of her own two kids regarding another investigation that was already in progress.

Deputies responded to the residents to begin working on an Amber Alert. At this time they learned more about Kelley planning to leave the Hallsville area headed to Longview. Law enforcement was also made aware that Kelley had mentioned selling her children which made the seriousness of this case rise drastically.

Longview Police Officers Were Able to Located the Kidnapping Suspect

Wednesday, July 7th at approximately 3:49 a.m. the suspect Lindsey Mariah Kelley was located with a male suspect at a home in Longview with all three children. The three children were all within arms reach of narcotics and paraphernalia (needles), luckily they were all okay. And the children were found so quickly the Amber Alert wasn't released.

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Numerous Texas Law Enforcement Agencies Working Together To Save Children

Many officers spent most of their night looking for these children, and quite honestly cared more about their well being then their own mother. A huge thank you to law enforcement. Let's hope this mom gets the help she needs after dealing with the consequences for her actions.

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