Hawks are migrating right now, which means it's peak time to see these majestic creatures up close.  An event tomorrow morning will help you see hawks at Tyler State Park. 

The weather is going to be fantastic this weekend, and the clear skies should make for some peak hawk sightings.

The Fall Hawk Migration is continuing, and organizers of tomorrow's Hawk Watch say a little cooperation from the weather can mean large numbers of hawks and other birds of prey flying over Tyler State Park on their way further south.

SO, tomorrow from 9 am to noon they're inviting everyone out to Tyler State Park (789 Park Road 16 in Tyler) for possible hawk sightings.  They'll have a few loaner binoculars, but if you have some at home you should bring those with you.  A bring a chair too because there will likely be some downtime with no hawks, kind of like when you're fishing and there are no fish.  It will all be worth it when one of those peaceful and powerful hawks flies right over your head.

Organizers will meet everyone at the Silver Canoe Park Store Patio, and you'll go from there.  Tyler State Park is located at 789 Park Road 16, Tyler. All events are free with a fee paid for admission into the park. Adults are $6 daily and children 12 years and under are free.

It's supposed to be sunny and in the 60s tomorrow, and even warmer on Sunday.  It's the perfect weekend to be outside!  Saturday will be all about hawks, and Sunday can be reserved for Chiefs, 49ers, and food.  This will be fun.

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