He's a superstar guitarist with almost 50 years of career success, but when Carlos Santana expressed his support for Adele winning multiple Grammy Awards over Beyonce' a couple days ago, the haters went wild. 

Santana made the mistake of publicly stating his belief that Adele was a much better "pure singer".  He pointed out that Beyonce's shows are built around costumes & dancing, with her singing being only one part of the overall presentation.  By comparison, Adele basically just takes the stage & the audience focuses entirely on her vocal performance.

Beyonce's fans, known as "The Beehive", skewered Santana for "attacking" their fave's talent.  If you follow the contemporary music biz, you know that over the past few years Queen Bey & her husband Jay Z have been elevated to almost "deity" status by many, in some cases more for their political activism than their music.  Thus the instantaneous venomous response to Santana's comments.

On to some positive Santana news:  Carlos' band is currently touring overseas, but returns for U.S. concert dates in May.  You can see Santana on stage in Houston Monday July 3rd at Sugarland's "Smart Financial Center", or the next night, Tuesday July 4th, in San Antonio at the "Majestic Theater".  Tickets for both shows are on sale now.

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