I love a good wine and cheese party, and since I'm such a snacker, I would much rather eat some kind of spread on a cracker than a huge meal.

But booze on a cracker?  Like beer-flavored spread?  I'm not too sure about that.

I suppose this beer-flavored spread (from an Italian snack-maker...click on that link to see) is justified with the idea in mind that smelly cheese is also kinda crazy and can be an acquired taste.  This is not that much different.  But isn't it more fun to drink the booze than spread it on a cracker?  I don't really get beer-flavored ice cream either.  But it really exists.

If cheese and cracker nights are kind of a girly thing, then maybe this is a way to get guys involved.  Oh, and there's no alcohol in this beer-spread, so you can give it to the kids if you want.

The holiday party season is coming up, and I'll be sure to pass along any genius/dumb ideas as I come across them.  Cheers!