Buy Local First is an group of residents and local businesses looking to change the ability of limited alcohol sales in Tyler. You may remember them from outside a large number of businesses in Tyler asking for your signature on the petition to vote for this change. They are looking to spread the word and earn raise some money for the cause. This show will be a great taste of local activities, awareness, and the Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ experience. Buy Local First describes their mission to be,"... a special purpose political action committee, formed to support allowing limited alcohol sales in Tyler and Smith County Justice Precinct 2."They believe that allowing certain grocery stores, gas stations, and other local businesses the ability to sell beer and wine will improve Tyler. "Increase retail sales revenue, increase sales tax revenue, support consumer choice, and improve Public Safety" are their goals.

Smith county is one of few remaining dry counties in the state. People visiting the city of Tyler are astonished that they cannot go down the street and purchase their Sunday dinner bottle of wine. It is an odd thing to be a wet county with the number of bars and alcohol selling restaurants located here. Surrounding counties are making loads of money from Tyler residents driving out to purchase from them. It is my personal opinion that the change would do great things for this community.

Many cities surrounding Tyler have recently "gone wet." They have noticed tax revenue increases, not real change of crime rates, and no increase of alcohol related automobile accidents. It is understandable to feel uncomfortable with the change of Tyler's alcohol status. Is this discomfort with the idea because it is a dramatic change? Are people stuck in their regular routine, and unhappy with change?

It is up to you what you think about the introduction of beer and wine sales in Tyler. But, the numbers show that a whole lot of people are for this major change.

If you are in favor and want to help Buy Local First and their efforts, than you need to be on Stanley's back porch this Friday night. Beginning at seven that evening, there will be a concert to support this organization.

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At the very least this Friday night will be an experience of local music, community unity, and just plain fun. Come out and support on this eve of growth for Tyler, Texas.