It’s been just over a year since an ammonia leak shuttered the doors of a favorite Smith County attraction, and now we are learning more information about its future.

For years, the Brookshire's World Of Wildlife Museum played host to my family and thousands of others throughout East Texas as we were taken on a safari adventure around the world and explored the lands that featured lots of different animals from around the world. The museum also played host to thousands of birthday parties on its pavilion while kids played on the fire engine, train caboose and playground. That all changed over a year ago with an ammonia leak at the Brookshire's warehouse that affected the museum and playground. Since then everything has been closed down leaving us wondering what is to become of the animals and the equipment. Now we know!

In a recent statement from Brookshire Grocery Company, the iconic fire truck, train caboose and other playground equipment located at the Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum is on the move to the FRESH by Brookshire’s store located at 6991 Old Jacksonville Highway.

The move is part of plans to expand the current playground at FRESH, which is open daily during store hours. The current playground is for toddlers, and the new playground that includes the equipment from the wildlife museum will be for older children. This section will be near the store’s north entrance and open daily until dusk.

BGC stated in that they are still researching options for the museum and once finalized will make another announcement regarding its future. The museum and playground, located on the same grounds as the Brookshire Grocery Company main warehouse, closed on Sept. 7, 2017 because of an ammonia leak that resulted in evacuations and 11 people receiving treatment at area hospitals due to exposure.

I'm excited about the move of not only the playground equipment, but look forward to the time when the wildlife museum is reopened at another location once again to educate the minds of not only children, but adults too! It was an amazing place and will be again.

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Google Street View

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