Who could forget all of the great moments that there have been in East Texas sports?

I could not. Even though I am just an eighteen year old, I will always have certain memories of sporting events from my adolescence engraved in my mind as truly amazing. Awesome videos after the jump.

This play was before my time, but what a crazy ending to a fantastic game!

And just like that, John Tyler spoiled one of the most improbable, if not the most improbable, comebacks in any sport, ever.

John Tyler vs Robert E. Lee

I have witnessed my fair share of John Tyler's football team, battling against my alma mater, Robert E. Lee. In 2009, our fall classic against Cujo was particularly memorable - John Tyler came in highly ranked in the state, and they were in the mid 40's of some national ranking sites. Our team on the other hand, had battled a tough schedule up until that point, which had riddled our roster with various injuries. It seemed as though we were doomed to get blown out. Everyone except the students and the football players believed John Tyler was going to clobber us.

L Wallace

However, it was a different kind of game that Friday night.

John Tyler kicked off the ball, deep into the backfield, where two of our tailbacks, Aaron Myers and Laquintas Wallace, a freshman, stood there, tense and ready for action. Laquintas received the ball, and he started running towards the wedge of the John Tyler special teams. As soon as he saw the hole in the wedge forming, Wallace burst through the middle with electrifying speed! He evaded the players all along the sideline, and he cruised into the end zone!

It was 7-0 with less than 10 seconds off the clock, and the Raiders kept the roll going from there.


After a failed drive, John Tyler punted back to us, and we gained possession at their forty. Our center hiked the ball, and Chris Dinkins, now playing at Oklahoma State, started running to the right side of the field, he then reversed, ran to the left side, reversed again, cut back right and went left, and a couple of seconds later, we were up 14-0!

The third and final touchdown of the first quarter came on a reception to Dada Brown on a short pass into a ton of coverage.

I remember seeing the shocked look on the John Tyler side of Rose Stadium; they were in utter disbelief that they were now down 21-0 at the end of the first. We ended up winning that game 28-17, and the entire John Tyler side, filled to max capacity, exited in silence that night.

Gilmer Buckeyes

Of course, when one talks about East Texas football, the Gilmer Buckeyes are always inevitably mentioned. Founded in 1914, this program has had many historic seasons - they are almost always regarded as a good team in high school football; no small feat in the most competitive high school football state in the nation. In the ten season span of 2000-2009, the Buckeyes have a ridiculous record of 112 wins, 17 losses. That is a winning percentage of 87 percent! Also in this decade, they have captured the state championship twice (2004 and 2009), and they have been in the game three times total.

Alas, I could not find a highlight tape of any sort on the Buckeyes, but I feel as though this play describes their offense perfectly: quick, fast, and well executed.

In this play, Darian Godfrey connects with Justin Johnson on a 37 yard reception and almost takes it to the house!

The Gilmer Buckeyes will always, at least in my mind, be one of the hallmark teams of East Texas football.

Henderson Lions vs Chapel Hill Bulldogs

And my last memory, but by far not the least, the Class 3A Division I game from last year. The Henderson Lions and the Chapel Hill Bulldogs met in Cowboys Stadium in a battle that was essentially an East Texas backyard rumble.

Both sides fought hard the entire game, with Chapel Hill nearly tying the game with less than a minute to go. But on 4th and 3rd, they were not able to convert, and the Henderson Lions became champions by the score of 28-21. This game was so memorable from not just the actual game, but the fact that two East Texas teams were facing off on the biggest stage in football. For that reason, I will never forget it.

There they are, some of my favorite sports memories I have here in East Texas. Now the question is: What are your favorite East Texas sport memories? We want to hear your replies!

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