There is something so fun about talking about all the different restaurants and food options we have available here in the great state of Texas. Now obviously, we live in a gigantic state and if there is a specific place you want to go to you might have to take a little road trip but when you’re really craving a specific meal a short hour or two drive is totally worth it. Recently there was an article released discussing the best place for a cheap meal in every state and I think the good folks at Cheapism did well when they put together this list. 

Everyone is always going to have their own favorite when it comes to a delicious cheap meal but for people not from Texas that want a delicious meal without breaking the bank, I think what they decided on for Texas was a good choice. They decided that the best place for a cheap meal in Texas is Torchy’s Tacos!  

Torchy’s Tacos is a Must in Texas 

Torchy’s got started in Austin and has become a favorite in the state of Texas. They have a variety of tacos to choose from, even offering breakfast tacos all day. But don’t forget about ordering their queso too, it’s got some spice, but it is so yummy. 

Don’t Forget About Torchy’s Secret Menu 

If you haven’t ordered off the Torchy’s secret menu, you need to make that happen soon. I’m a huge fan of their ‘Ace of Spaces’ taco but I will say that even one of those tacos will fill you up quickly. 

And now after talking about them I am suddenly craving tacos and queso, I’m going to Torchy’s! 

5 Secret Menu Items at Torchy's Tacos

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