Super Bowl Champ Nick Foles went to high school in Austin and has plans to give back to students through a new calling once this NFL thing fizzles out.  The new career direction may surprise you.

If you were a pro football player, what would you do with your time during the off season? Golf? Vacation on the beach? The honey do list? There are some things the players have do to get ready for the next season, but there are no games between February and August and there's a lot of free time in there for other pursuits.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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The Eagles star quarterback told KHOU in Houston that he wants to stay productive during each off season and do things that might benefit him down the road, so he's been taking seminary classes during the down time.  Faith has always been important to Nick, and he says he's considering making a career of it once his NFL career is over.  He's especially interested in encouraging middle and high school students, since they're the group that might be the most impressionable and going through the roughest temptations.  That's the age group he wants to speak to the most once he's finished with football.

Nick grew up in Texas, and went to elementary school at Bridge Point in the Eanes ISD (The kids and teachers there held a pep rally for Nick before the Super Bowl, while he was all the way in Minneapolis getting ready for the big game.  He can thank the good vibes for the big win).

After elementary school, Nick became a star player for the Chaps at West Lake High School near Austin.  Nick Foles and Drew Brees both went to Westlake, and became the second quarterback duo from the same school to win the Super Bowl.  Peyton and Eli Manning did it too.

Now with a Super Bowl win to his credit and being named the game's MVP, Nick Foles has suddenly become a top tier quarterback in the NFL. And he started the season as the backup!  He's got a long playing career ahead of him. And once that gig ends, he's got a solid backup plan that could carry him the rest of his life, so he'd better get used to being a hero.

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