I'm a man that loves a good prank, even if I'm the one being pranked. Athens seniors took to Craigslist to fulfill their senior prank.

They put their school up for sale.

Many clues abound to prove this as a prank. The price, for one, $20,170, is a giveaway. Bit low in today's market.

The square footage of the parking lot seems legit, though, 2,017 square feet.

I don't know, I may consider this purchase. It does have a luxury kitchen to cook those rectangle pizzas or bake rolls, a gym to get some exercise and a library, you know, to expand the mind and stuff.

Adding underclassman to the deal is a bonus, kinda like a pool or a man cave that's been added.

Props to the Athens Hornets class of 2017 and to all the graduates in East Texas. See the full ad at craigslist.com.

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